La Fleurine: room for rent at "Les Frejals" "Gorges du Tarn"

The Fleurines are the result of the gravity collapse of the limestone cliffs on the edge of the Causse. The piled blocks consisted of cavities, natural cellars connected to the open air by "fleurines". The natural ventilation role they play in the cellars allows a remarkable thermal and humidity regulation.

Our vaulted room "Les Fleurines" is a place of calm, peace, reflection and work.

It can accommodate up to 15 people to the maximum.

An adjoining, newly appointed and fully equipped kitchen will allow you to prepare or get prepared your meals if necessary.

We provide you with free Internet access.

Do not hesitate to consult us for further information and rates.

Chambres d'hôtes référence
Martine et Luc BLANQUART
Tel (+33) 05 65 42 00 40 / (+33) 06 26 05 77 47