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Les Fréjals

Bed and breakfast in the Gorges du Tarn


In the heart of the Tarn Gorges

The richness of the Tarn Gorges and surrounding region is such that it is difficult to include it all.
Rich in history, nature, heritage, fauna, flora, gastronomy – in short, a place where you will find and value real life.

The Tarn Gorges are situated in the heart of the Grands Causses Regional Park, and since 2010, have been listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They owe their reputation to the exceptional natural spectacle that is there for all to see.

A stay that will give you a real change of scene, with all sorts of activities on offer for you:

  • Get back a chance for reflection, and experience nature through hikes with the family, being energetic or exploring nature – on foot for the bravest, or by bike, car or camper for the others.
  • For lovers of heritage and culture, you can visit the historical remains of mediaeval castles, fortresses and age-old troglodyte villages, among other things, all amid marvellous scenery that you can also explore on the water by canoe.
  • For Epicureans, the regional gastronomy, the charcuterie, cheeses and wine are also things to be explored
  • For those keen on sport, Millau also offers sporting opportunities: its location, natural environment, relief and gentle climate make it a sporting paradise. Hiking, canoeing, rafting, paragliding and hang-gliding are just a few examples.

Everything is on offer here to get back a chance to reflect and meditate, and to find some meaning in life, where you can apply the Latin phrase taken from a poem by Horace: carpe diem (“seize the day”).


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